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CONCORD, N.C. – Piloting a race car for hours on end every weekend requires plenty of discipline for NASCAR Cup Series drivers. That typically includes a strict diet and training regimen.

With that in mind, GQ chatted with Chase Elliott for its latest “The Real-Life Diet” feature.

The men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine has previously looked at the real-life diets of NFL players like Russell Wilson, Kareem Hunt and Jay Ajayi, NBA players like Blake Griffin and even Grammy-winning artist John Legend.

In Elliott’s feature, the driver discusses the nuts and bolts of staying in top shape as a full-time NASCAR Cup Series driver, including the importance of physical and mental fitness, eating right and always being sure to stay hydrated.

“The biggest key for me is hydration,” Elliott told the publication. “If you fall behind and the race begins, it’s too late.”

The driver shared his typical diet and fitness routine, his weakness when it comes to “eating bad,” and the similarities between racing and flying. To hear all that and more, check out the full GQ story here.