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CONCORD, N.C. – The NASCAR Cup Series playoffs might be at an end, but the Hendrick Motorsports Pit Crew Playoffs, presented by Valvoline, are just getting started.

The competition will test the athletes’ skill, agility and determination – and, OK, maybe a little bit of luck will be involved.

From the four Hendrick Motorsports pit crews, 16 athletes will pair up for one-on-one matchups in a series of games including the likes of the vaunted lugnut stack.

That game kicked off the three-round tournament on Tuesday, pitting No. 9 team fueler John Gianninoto – the holder of a Guinness World Record – against No. 88 team fueler Jacob Conley.

Both fuelers were tasked with stacking a tower of lugnuts as high as they could while using a straw – and without using their hands.

Check out the entertaining showdown above, the first of eight matchups in the first round as the competition will be trimmed to eight pit crew athletes.

Stay tuned – the next first-round game will hit social media on Thursday.