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CONCORD, N.C. – For the next three weeks, the NASCAR Cup Series will be on the West Coast – or close to it.

With that in mind, drivers often look to stay on that side of the country for much of the upcoming stretch.

“I usually like to stay out,” Chase Elliott said. “I lived in Colorado for a couple of years, so I enjoy going back there and kind of commuting from there instead of coming all the way back. It’s a lot of travel.”

Jimmie Johnson agreed with his teammate’s sentiment.

“It is a bit taxing, just the travel across the country three times in a row,” the seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion said. “We try to spend one weekend out there, and then it really depends on our kids and school and when spring break takes place.”

Johnson noted that this year “isn’t going to work” quite as easily as other years have when it comes to coordinating schedules.

Elliott understood that dilemma.

“I’ve done it both ways, and your schedule doesn’t always work out,” Elliott said. “But when you can stay, I think it’s nice.”