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“Having a car balance that you can adjust because so much changes from the day when it’s hot and sunny, and then you get into the night when it cools down a little bit without any sun on the track. The track changes for grip. So if you can tighten your car up at the right times and do it the right way to where you don’t lose the attitude that you are looking for throughout the race, that’s key.”

Kasey Kahne

“We were fortunate enough to run the 600 last year. I think that’s good experience to have. That place is so temperature sensitive so it was good to get all of that information. I’m excited to get back and hopefully take what we’ve learned and get a little bit better.”

Chase Elliott

“Last weekend’s All-Star event was in essence a ‘test’ for this weekend. We learned some important things about tire fall off even though we didn’t get a ton of practice. The 600-miler is a tough, tough race and it takes a lot of patience and some endurance on everyone’s part to be there at the end.”

No. 48 team crew chief Chad Knaus

“As far as our Mountain Dew and Nationwide Chevy, we got it better (during the All-Star Race). A lot of the setup is new and some stuff we’re trying to find some speed with. We still have some gains to make. We didn’t win the race but we outran a lot of guys who had been outrunning us the last few weeks. We didn’t get to practice much so we worked really hard during the race changing a lot of stuff, and I hope (No. 88 crew chief) Greg (Ives) learned a lot. This weekend we’ll actually get to practice some and make some changes to see if we can’t get our car better for the 600. I’d love to win that race.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr.