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CONCORD, N.C. -- Being the crew chief for 13-time most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. can be a job filled with pressure, both external and internal.

However, Greg Ives chooses to view pressure as a more positive, influencing factor: opportunity.

The Hendrick Motorsports crew chief sat down with business publication Inc. to discuss his role within the organization and the subsequent "pressure" that may come with it.

"I think of pressure as an opportunity to continue to push myself," Ives said. "Every day when you get out of bed you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, 'I get to walk out the door, put my best foot forward, and work hard to reach my goals.'"

And while the job of a crew chief can be demanding -- including days consumed with meetings, leading a shop full of employees and making the tough calls at the racetrack -- Ives said he loves doing it because it's the job he wants.

"Making all that work, making people feel good about being a part of building a faster race car, taking care of the people that are a part of our success," said Ives, "that's the hardest part of my job, but it's also the best part."

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