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CONCORD, N.C. --With 40 years in the automobile industry and more than 30 years in NASCAR, Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick has plenty of stories to tell.

Wednesday, Hendrick joined Kelley Earnhardt Miller on her "Fast Lane Family" podcast, and the two reminisced about family, racing and more.

Hendrick and Miller's grandfather, Robert Gee, crossed paths in Hendrick's Virginia hometown. Years later, after Hendrick moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, the two developed a bond after Gee showed up at Hendrick's Chevrolet dealership. Hendrick ended up sponsoring one of his dirt cars.

In 1983, Hendrick teamed with Gee to field an entry in the NASCAR XFINITY Series -- then the Busch Series -- at Charlotte Motor Speedway with the great Dale Earnhardt as driver. The partnership proved successful, with Earnhardt claiming the win.

"So there I am in Victory Lane with Kelley and Dale (Earnhardt Jr.), and they were just little puppies then, and Robert and Dale Sr.,” Hendrick said. “I still have that picture on my wall in the garage -- I have it two or three places -- and it means an awful lot to me."

Hendrick also discussed how he developed his management style, which he refers to as servant leadership.

"I grew up on a farm in rural Virginia -- a tobacco farm -- and there were other farmers that lived next to us," Hendrick said. "My mom and dad always taught us that if neighbors had a problem, you helped them, and if you had a problem, the neighbors would help you.

"That’s the way I grew up, and I’ve kind of kept that philosophy all of my life. In any business I’ve been in, people are your biggest asset. It’s all about the people."

To hear more stories from Hendrick's past, along with how he built successful automotive and motor sports businesses, listen to the full podcast here.