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CONCORD, N.C. – Kasey Kahne made a special appearance at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Wednesday for the annual Parade of Power.

The event that kicked off the fall season at the speedway included a parade, Q&A segment and fan autograph session.

Kahne shared his thoughts on the excitement that always surrounds races at Charlotte, including the upcoming Bank of America 500.

“I think the 600 is a big race on our schedule to win Memorial Day weekend. There’s just a lot on the line,” Kahne said. “The 500 is awesome as well because of the playoffs, because of the time of the year and trying to advance to the next round if you are in that position.”

The fall race at Charlotte Motor Speedway has been moved from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon this year. Kahne believes the daylight will add an additional challenge to the race.

“A day race is probably more difficult than a night race and trying to get that balance at both ends is difficult,” Kahne shared of what it takes to find Victory Lane. “But we have done it a lot in the past, hopefully we can figure out how to do it again.”

To see Kahne compete for the win at Charlotte -- which he has done four times in his NASCAR Cup Series career -- tune in to NBC Sports Network on Oct. 8 at 2 p.m. for the Bank of America 500.