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CONCORD, N.C. – The car chief is one of the most important members of any NASCAR Cup Series team.

They work with both the crew chief and driver to figure out different setups for the car. But what all goes into the job?

This week, we caught up with the No. 5 team car chief, Todd Devnich, to get an inside look at his life and day-to-day duties.

1) A normal day on the job for Devnich includes some heavy organizing and working with the crew chief.

“I make sure that every team member does what the crew chief wants,” Devnich said. “We all make sure the car is the way he wants. We make sure that we have all the parts for the upcoming events with us that he’s looking for. Basically, I’m just a big organizer.”

2) Like his driver, Kasey Kahne, the Nebraska native worked in the in the World of Outlaws dirt series before switching over to NASCAR.

“We traveled around the entire country,” Devnich said. “When I was out there, Kasey was out there. It was really fun because we all sort of grew up together.”

3) His favorite part of the job is being able to make changes for the better.

“I love being able to do something and seeing a change,” Devnich explained. “You get to watch and see your work get better. I love doing that kind of stuff.”

4) Darlington Raceway is Devnich’s favorite track on the circuit. The South Carolina venue takes him back to his racing roots.

“It’s really fun,” Devnich explained. “The atmosphere and environment out there reminds me of dirt track racing.”

5) Devnich loves and values being at the track every weekend. 

“My favorite part about being at the track every weekend is the competition aspect of racing,” Devnich explained. “It makes you strive to do your best and just try to be better than the person beside you.”