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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. received several heartfelt gifts from Kansas Speedway Saturday afternoon between practice sessions.

First, a contribution of $8,800 was made in his name to the University of Kansas Health Systems Pediatric Unit. 

"I appreciate the track for the donation within their community here," Earnhardt said. "That means a lot to me. That is really what we were hoping the tracks would take the initiative to do and it’s been great all year to see that happen. So, I’m glad you guys did that and that really makes my heart full."

Following Earnhardt's news earlier this week that he and his wife Amy are expecting their first child, the driver was given a What to Expect When You Are Expecting book for new fathers.

Then a video was played featuring longtime friend of the Earnhardt family, Ned Yost, manager of the Kansas City Royals.

"It's been a wonderful experience sitting back and watching you accomplish what you've accomplished, but what you've accomplished is kind of hindsight to what you've become," Yost said. "You've become an outstanding person, you've become an outstanding man, it's just been a fantastic career. Congratulations on a tremendous career and a tremendous life."

Following the end of the video, Earnhardt was presented with his very own Kansas City Royals jersey, featuring his name on the back and his father's iconic number three underneath.

“Yeah that is really emotional," Earnhardt said. "Ned (Yost) has been a great family friend and just so supportive of me and it is really nice to hear his memories and his thoughts.

"Just really appreciative, thank you so much for the effort that you put in to make me feel really special. Thanks a lot for that and hopefully we keep coming here for many, many more years and we will continue to help the speedway however we can, whatever you guys ever need, I’m just a text or a phone call away."