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Hexagon Metrology

Hexagon Metrology offers a comprehensive range of products and services for all industrial metrology applications in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical. We support our customers with actionable measurement information along the complete life cycle of a product – from development and design to production, assembly and final inspection.

With more than 20 production facilities and 70 Precision Centers for service and demonstrations, and a network of over 100 distribution partners on five continents, we empower our customers to fully control their manufacturing processes, enhancing the quality of products and increasing efficiency in manufacturing plants around the world.

Hexagon Metrology is part of Hexagon (Nordic exchange: HEXA B; www.hexagon.com). Hexagon is a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualization technologies that enable customers to design, measure and position objects, and process and present data.

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Learn how Formula One and metrology depend on each other for success. http://t.co/xDAKIoBl8Q

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Will it scan? The ROMER Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner is put though the paces. Watch this video. http://t.co/cGPz7puTgW

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Press Release: Hexagon Acquires Vero Software - STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN—July 21, 2014—Hexagon AB, a ... http://t.co/2OWa9mvsar

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Productivity gains are essential. See how one manufacturer in the medical/oil & gas industry achieves its goals. http://t.co/3CAeMRgH27

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Press Release: Hexagon Metrology Highlights Measurement Automation Trends at IMTS Conference Session http://t.co/qwf49wCQl0

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Discussion on trends in automation for metrology, including challenge of increasingly complex robotic automation. http://t.co/FjfEcHrIc7

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Gone is simply partnering for technical expertise. Today’s winning companies share cultural expertise as well. Read: http://t.co/wuFrm9Monz

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Quality insight at the point of production was never easier. The 7.10.7 SF excels in demanding shop-floor conditions. http://t.co/WyslRDSGzx

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New Blog: PC-DMIS Service Pack Updates Available Now! - Hexagon Metrology has released new Service Pack updates fo… http://t.co/rpV4AYpPXP

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Why is CMM maintenance important? Find out: http://t.co/5YI4WpTrlL

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Press Release: Hexagon Metrology Releases HP-O Optical Measurement Solution http://t.co/6xZGSMwGae

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We’re hiring! http://t.co/HWoxOuN6m7

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In the long evolution of 3D CAD, you would not think innovative progress is possible at this point. Think again. http://t.co/eRxniu7wGS

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Only 2 months until IMTS. Will you be there?

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Use of portable measuring arm speeds up field replacement operations by 75% for the oil and gas industry. http://t.co/Bg24NxwWAh

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Happy 4th of July!

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