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Axalta Coating Systems develops, manufactures and sells coatings and application tools to automobile repair body shops and original equipment manufacturers in the automotive and heavy-duty truck markets. Its strong market positions are supported by global brands including Standox®, Spies Hecker®, Cromax®and Imron®. The company’s technology leadership is highlighted by its best-in-class third generation of waterborne systems developed to address growing customer requirements for higher productivity and environmentally friendly coatings. Axalta Coating Systems also serves the decorative, architectural, general industrial and job-coater segments of the powder coatings market under the brands Alesta® Powder Coatings, NAP-GARD® FBE Powder Coatings and ABCITE® Powder Coatings.

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Were YOU 1 of our 16 contestants? Check out the details for our #Chase Grid Giveaway Contest to find out what’s next! http://t.co/4iU4aQQyLG

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 30, 2014 03:39pm

An awesome win by @JeffGordonWeb ends the exciting Challenger Round of the @NASCAR #Chase! #WePaintWinners http://t.co/zDIYvmQ8X1

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 29, 2014 04:24pm

Check out these pics from @JeffGordonWeb’s awesome win yesterday at @MonsterMile!! Next up—the Contender Round! http://t.co/d2yzCrK02P

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 29, 2014 02:28pm

RT @TeamHendrick: .@JeffGordonWeb crosses the finish line to take it home here at @MonsterMile. ???? http://t.co/eTmG0NJ9Hm

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 28, 2014 05:30pm

Congratulations to @JeffGordonWeb on an awesome win today at @MonsterMile in the @Drive2EndHunger @TeamChevy SS!! #WePaintWinners

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 28, 2014 05:29pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: The @Drive2EndHunger @TeamChevy wins @MonsterMile! Win #4 of 2014. Career win #92. Retweet to congratulate. #Team24 http…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 28, 2014 05:27pm

Congratulations to @JeffGordonWeb for being named the 3rd Quarter Driver Of The Year for 2014! What an awesome honor! http://t.co/UMRNlyYHwy

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 26, 2014 03:22pm

One day closer to the first knockout weekend of the @NASCAR #Chase! Bring it on! http://t.co/SD9vtv2I9B

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 24, 2014 04:05pm

@txnanna4jg24 Hey Edna! Thanks for asking! We are really focused on the Chase right now so we chose not to do a #WordCloudWednesday this wk.

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 24, 2014 01:07pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: Giving away a signed @AxaltaRacing bobblehead to a random fan on the newsletter list. #Team24 https://t.co/Wnl1m5w2zh ht…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 24, 2014 12:14pm

RT @kansasspeedway: How well do you know your #NASCAR drivers? Who’s This? http://t.co/cMcw80fWnb

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 24, 2014 12:14pm

2 races down in the Challenger Round of the @NASCAR #Chase.. only one more to go before 4 drivers get knocked out… how’s YOUR grid look?

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 23, 2014 04:27pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: Be sure to follow: @Drive2EndHunger @AxaltaRacing @PanasonicUSA @JeffGordon4Cure @JeffGordonStore @JeffGordonWine @ivand…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 22, 2014 03:29pm

@j24marianne @JeffGordonWeb Hey Marianne! Our next paint-out will be at @TalladegaSuperS but we’ll be cheering him on at @MonsterMile!!

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 22, 2014 01:51pm

We’re ready to see @JeffGordonWeb race for another lobster this weekend at @NHMS!! Are YOU? #Chase http://t.co/pvDAtnXqG3

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 19, 2014 02:57pm

@brwalker24 Congratulations Brenda!! Thanks for helping us reach our goal!

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 19, 2014 02:41pm

Thank you to all who helped us surpass our Facebook goal! Check to see if YOU have won your own J.G. Bobble here: http://t.co/3P5fEQjqGL

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 19, 2014 01:20pm

Thank you for helping us surpass our goal! You rock! Stay tuned tmrw to find out who will win their own J.G. Bobble! http://t.co/cUZyGiqF52

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 18, 2014 04:10pm

Who wants a J.G. Bobble?? Help us get to 4,500 followers on Facebook by sharing, RT, etc. and you may win! http://t.co/j4NqsyAANg

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 18, 2014 08:19am

Click here to find out more details about our #Chase Grid Contest!! http://t.co/TDD3IV3AdR

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Sep 16, 2014 04:54pm