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Axalta Coating Systems develops, manufactures and sells coatings and application tools to automobile repair body shops and original equipment manufacturers in the automotive and heavy-duty truck markets. Its strong market positions are supported by global brands including Standox®, Spies Hecker®, Cromax®and Imron®. The company’s technology leadership is highlighted by its best-in-class third generation of waterborne systems developed to address growing customer requirements for higher productivity and environmentally friendly coatings. Axalta Coating Systems also serves the decorative, architectural, general industrial and job-coater segments of the powder coatings market under the brands Alesta® Powder Coatings, NAP-GARD® FBE Powder Coatings and ABCITE® Powder Coatings.

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RT @Morgangirl24: Got my AWESOME prize pk today from @AxaltaRacing. U & @JeffGordonWeb best driver & sponsor in Nascar! http://t.co/P6ND9A…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 21, 2014 04:49pm

.@TeamHendrick @StewartHaasRcng @KBMteam

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 21, 2014 10:20am

Just a sample of all the wins from the 2014 @NASCAR Season that carried Axalta Paint! #WePaintWinners http://t.co/raZXgmBWk5

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 21, 2014 10:19am

Congrats to @StewartHaasRcng for winning the coveted Sprint Cup Championship at @HomesteadMiami!! #WePaintWinners http://t.co/0YPsi51FGj

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 19, 2014 10:47am

Congratulations to @Morgangirl24 for winning our #Chase Grid Giveaway Contest!! #WePaintWinners http://t.co/GHcpDQnuOf

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 17, 2014 02:32pm

Let’s hear it for an awesome 2014 season by @JeffGordonWeb, @TeamHendrick, and all of #Team24!

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 16, 2014 06:49pm

Congratulations to the 2014 Sprint Cup Champion - @KevinHarvick! #WePaintWinners

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 16, 2014 06:45pm

RT @nigelfast: @AxaltaRacing live in homestead Miami to wish Jeff Gordon well as he leads the field out in this final race of the season @T…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 16, 2014 03:15pm

Good luck today to #4 @KevinHarvick as he races for the Sprint Cup Championship at @HomesteadMiami! #WePaintWinners

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 16, 2014 12:42pm

Congratulations to @JeffGordonWeb for winning Pole at @HomesteadMiami in the #24 @Drive2EndHunger @TeamChevy !! #WePaintWinners

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 14, 2014 08:06pm

Good luck to @JeffGordonWeb & @Drive2EndHunger this weekend at @HomesteadMiami ! Let’s go get Win #93! http://t.co/LDTCjV9tJX

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 14, 2014 03:50pm

RT @nyse: Look who came and helped @axalta celebrate their #IPO: The man behind #Team24 @JeffGordonWeb $AXTA http://t.co/sGxglhoeO2

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 12, 2014 02:33pm

Our #Chase Grid Giveaway Contest is ending! The final four contestants who are advancing have been notified by email! http://t.co/hbaKRJq4R9

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 12, 2014 01:58pm

RT @nyse: Did you see the 24 car & @JeffGordonWeb draft behind @axalta onto NYSE floor & @SquawkStreet? $AXTA #RubbingIsRacing http://t.co/…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 12, 2014 01:02pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: Great to experience “ringing the bell” from this perspective @AxaltaRacing http://t.co/Swor5rIoVO

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 12, 2014 12:44pm

RT @TeamHendrick: .@JeffGordonWeb made a special appearance this morning at the @nyse with @Axalta/@AxaltaRacing. http://t.co/a4gaW48jm3

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 12, 2014 10:10am

RT @JeffGordonWeb: VIDEO: Get a behind-the-scenes look @TeamHendrick of @AxaltaRacing #RadiantRed #24 -> http://t.co/6KWv4bNlaE. #Team24 ht…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 11, 2014 04:53pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: Photos from the @AxaltaRacing @TeamChevy weekend at @PhoenixRaceway -> http://t.co/CdATph9LFE. #NASCAR #Team24 http://t.…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 11, 2014 03:55pm

On this Veterans day, we’d like to thank everyone in the military for their service & sacrifice. #VeteransDay http://t.co/qBsOLL6C02

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 11, 2014 02:19pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: The @AxaltaRacing @TeamChevy misses advancing to the final round of @NASCAR Chase by 1 point. #NASCAR #Team24 http://t.c…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Nov 09, 2014 06:45pm