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Axalta Coating Systems develops, manufactures and sells coatings and application tools to automobile repair body shops and original equipment manufacturers in the automotive and heavy-duty truck markets. Its strong market positions are supported by global brands including Standox®, Spies Hecker®, Cromax®and Imron®. The company’s technology leadership is highlighted by its best-in-class third generation of waterborne systems developed to address growing customer requirements for higher productivity and environmentally friendly coatings. Axalta Coating Systems also serves the decorative, architectural, general industrial and job-coater segments of the powder coatings market under the brands Alesta® Powder Coatings, NAP-GARD® FBE Powder Coatings and ABCITE® Powder Coatings.

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@ARosser14 Hey Aaron! Great article! Thanks for all you said about our paint & scheme! We love hearing people appreciate it! #WePaintWinners

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 22, 2014 01:10pm

ICYMI: Here’s your chance to win your own J.G. Bobble! Caption & Share this picture on Fb! Contest ends tmrw-3 pm EST http://t.co/bxS91Cjzn4

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 21, 2014 11:14am

@TonyBarrios @JeffGordonWeb Don’t worry, Tony! There’s always next week! #WordCloudWednesday

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 20, 2014 04:35pm

Here’s this wk’s #WordCloudWednesday to describe the 3 wins @JeffGordonWeb has had this season in “Brilliant Flames!” http://t.co/cQzxyNiZa4

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 20, 2014 04:33pm

It’s #WordCloudWednesday!! This week’s topic: Submit words to describe the 3 wins @JeffGordonWeb has had this season in “Brilliant Flames!!”

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 20, 2014 01:37pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: 1-on-1 Alan Gustafson interview talking @AxaltaRacing @TeamChevy win @MISpeedway -> http://t.co/iFQ9I8hrG3. #Team24 http…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 20, 2014 08:44am

Don’t miss this chance to win your very own J.G. Bobble!! http://t.co/bxS91Cjzn4

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 18, 2014 02:43pm

@andrewgorton24 @JeffGordonWeb @Drive2EndHunger Congratulations, Andrew!!

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 18, 2014 02:42pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: Q: You’re very successful here…any reason why? “Well, I like to go fast…” -> http://t.co/l3pBFJsMBK. #Team24 http://…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 18, 2014 01:32pm

@FOXSports1 @sportingnews @sn_nascar

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 18, 2014 09:49am

J.G. Bobble accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge!! His nominations: @TheJohnnyTV, @bobpockrass, & @hmssquirrel24 http://t.co/9sJVPEMt5j

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 18, 2014 09:39am

RT @JeffGordonWeb: #24 @MISpeedway race win gear available from @JeffGordonStore here -> http://t.co/ShtpGnpV6F. #NASCAR #Team24 http://t.c…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 18, 2014 08:49am

RT @NASCAR: #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Victory Lane version http://t.co/VOcuBfC9Jx

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 18, 2014 08:49am

RT @JeffGordonWeb: Why were there 2 @AxaltaRacing @TeamChevy burnouts @MISpeedway? Find out -> http://t.co/tpFINhlDDk. #NASCAR #Team24 http…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 18, 2014 08:16am

RT @JonEdwards24: “@nigelfast: Unreal another BRILLIANT win. Go Jeff @JeffGordonWeb @AxaltaRacing @TeamHendrick @JonEdwards24 congrats team…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 17, 2014 05:55pm

RT @TravisGordon24: Hell of a day for our entire @AxaltaRacing team, and an awesome drive by @JeffGordonWeb #thats3 #letsgo

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 17, 2014 05:20pm

RT @TeamHendrick: .@JeffGordonWeb and the No. 24 team do the ALS #IceBucketChallenge in Victory Lane: http://t.co/qVf16K8A0b

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 17, 2014 05:12pm

RT @kbrantigan: that’s win 3 for @JeffGordonWeb this year- all in the @AxaltaRacing brilliant flames paint scheme! Congrats @TeamHendrick @…

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 17, 2014 04:53pm

RT @JeffGordonWeb: The @AxaltaRacing @TeamChevy regains the @NASCAR points lead & is tied for most wins of any driver this season thus far …

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 17, 2014 04:36pm

RT @nigelfast: Unreal another BRILLIANT win 24. Go Jeff @JeffGordonWeb @AxaltaRacing @TeamHendrick @JonEdwards24 congrats team

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Aug 17, 2014 04:26pm