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Axalta Coating Systems develops, manufactures and sells coatings and application tools to automobile repair body shops and original equipment manufacturers in the automotive and heavy-duty truck markets. Its strong market positions are supported by global brands including Standox®, Spies Hecker®, Cromax®and Imron®. The company’s technology leadership is highlighted by its best-in-class third generation of waterborne systems developed to address growing customer requirements for higher productivity and environmentally friendly coatings. Axalta Coating Systems also serves the decorative, architectural, general industrial and job-coater segments of the powder coatings market under the brands Alesta® Powder Coatings, NAP-GARD® FBE Powder Coatings and ABCITE® Powder Coatings.

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Check out how #JGBobble decided to “help” the Axalta Racing team with our decorating! http://t.co/edDr0s7fEp

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On to Plan B… have to take the elevator #JGBobble https://t.co/5fCdMuW7oG

@AxaltaRacing Tweeted: Dec 16, 2014 10:31am

Check out J.G. Bobble inspecting his “sleigh” making sure everything’s ready to go for his busiest time of the year! http://t.co/TxOxbaEll2

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@j24marianne Hey Marianne, we just sent you a direct message so be sure to check your inbox!

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RT @fastlaplvcom: Thank you @axaltaracing for participating in our team building endurance race!
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We have a sneaky J.G. Bobble on our hands—repelling down to steal a hard card! http://t.co/PK1z8LrMGr

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We’re thankful for all of our awesome fans! #HappyThanksgiving http://t.co/lo7SVVWwxg

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