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Valvoline, a brand of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), has been serving American motorists for over 140 years. In addition to commercial and industrial lubricants, the Valvoline family of products includes Eagle OneTM appearance products, Car BriteTM car restoration products, ZerexTM antifreeze, SynPowerTM performance products, MaxLifeTM products created for higher-mileage engines and NextGenTM, created with 50-percent recycled oil. With approximately 900 locations throughout the United States, Valvoline Instant Oil ChangeSM service centers are a leader in serving the quick lube market. 

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RT @JeffGordonWeb: Visiting Matthews, NC tomorrow for @Valvoline appearance. Who will be there? Info -> http://t.co/VlDM5CJGmh. #Team24 htt…

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RT @Jalopnik: A look into the life of a sprint car driver http://t.co/vSvrYwWcc9 http://t.co/WOEILkri9d

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RT @shoeracing: Dark skies above as the @Valvoline SynPower machine of @FastJackBeckman prepares for their run. #NHRA #test http://t.co/GK8…

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@aubzmarie Glad to hear you’re leaving both places with a smile!

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Your check engine light could be a false alarm! Check your gas cap—if it’s loose, it can confuse your fuel system. http://t.co/SLqD4Dcryw

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@kmeaders Thank you for your service.

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RT @chrisforsberg64: I went back to school, the @Bondurantschool, in the latest episode of #GarageTours powered by @Valvoline. http://t.co/…

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@LM_Halat You are welcome!  Thank you for your business!

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@IleneeRoseexox Total nervousness, but we have your safety in mind!  We hope you passed.  Thank you for your business.

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Looking good. RT @tinkerbell0164 @PadgettsRacing1 @FiFiPadge @Valvoline http://t.co/zgf9Xa1Je0

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.@chrisforsberg64 kills tires @BondurantSchool! @CoreyHosford shows us this amazing facility: http://t.co/xgHiJZ3Gl4 http://t.co/tR81smgSgo

@valvoline Tweeted: Aug 19, 2014 12:30pm

We can’t get enough of @rhinebuilt’s classic NASCAR restorations. Check out these vintage stock cars on #GarageTours: http://t.co/RoHZxR7FYp

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@MattDearwent We show a hat was mailed to this address on 8/17/14.  Please let us know if you haven’t received it.

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@TommyScroggins Thanks for the shout out. You just may be on to something.

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@wielabruc1994 Hats off to you, Bruce!

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@malialazu Thank you for your business!

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@TBayneDiehards @moonbeam807 We were looking for Richard Petty—but there’s no doubt that Marty Robbins was a crooner as well. Nice job!

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RT @shoeracing: It looks like @FastJackBeckman found some help this weekend @BIRrace. #NHRA #ManOfThePeople @Valvoline http://t.co/TP3eaxUd…

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RT @FastJackBeckman: @Valvoline Can you help get the word out to #VoteForJack Click 2 vote http://t.co/eKxp56luxD #TraxxasShootout #NHRA

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You’re stellar when it comes to #NASCAR trivia. If you guessed Richard Petty, you’re correct!

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