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CONCORD, N.C. – Last week in Nashville, Tennessee, the NASCAR Cup Series playoff drivers from 2019 took to Broadway to thrill the thousands of gathered fans.

Under the neon lights of the entertainment district, each driver took their turn trying to one-up their competitors with a burnout.

“Just doing the burnout at night was really cool,” Alex Bowman said. “Can’t really see what the heck you’re doing, but it was cool to do it.”

The action certainly captured the attention of passersby on Broadway, many of whom lined the street hours in advance to catch a glimpse of the burnouts.

And once the even officially began, it was clear that was the main attraction.

“It feels like for those couple of minutes, everything stopped around the town and everyone was really paying attention to the burnouts,” William Byron said.

Check out the video above to watch the Hendrick Motorsports drivers burn it down on Broadway and hear their take on the unique event, which Chase Elliott said ratcheted up the intensity from Champion’s Week burnouts in years past.

“I never felt the energy that I felt last night, which was really cool,” he said. “You can feel that when you’re there and a part of it, and I’ve never really felt anything like that before, so it was neat.”