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CONCORD, N.C. -- Racing this week was under unique circumstances as drivers took to the track in a virtual manner.

All four Hendrick Motorsports drivers participated in the first eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series Event on Sunday, which saw Alex Bowman place sixth.

"I thought it was pretty fun," Bowman said of the online race. "People seemed to love it. I got to blame my crashes instantly on my dog, so it was a good time."

For Chase Elliott, the iRacing setup took a little getting used to, but he was able to be comfortable as he raced. He finished in 24th place.

William Byron started out hot in the race and led for several laps, but he used up his two resets permitted in the race. He ended up in 34th.

"The Twitter back-and-forth was pretty good because you can read it as a driver as the race is going on and get a temperature of how the race is going," Byron said of his experience. "I think less cautions would be good to kind of give us a chance to race. It’s tough. I think there are so many cars it’s tough to not have wrecks."

Jimmie Johnson joked that he had a lot to learn when it comes to iRacing, but added that he was grateful the NASCAR community could come together. He finished 31st in the race.