CONCORD, N.C. -- Chase Elliott was ahead of his Hendrick Motorsports teammates when the NASCAR Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway was called due to weather.

Elliott finished the race 18th in a accident-ridden race after he was shuffled toward the end of the field as the second stage drew to a close. Kyle Larson, William Byron and Alex Bowman finished 37th, 36th and 38th, respectively, after each driver was invovled in an accident.

The race was called right before the second stage ended due to rain and lightning in the area. Before rain rolled over the supserspeedway, the end of the second stage was marred by the accident that took Byron out of contention.

Bubba Wallace won the event.

Take a look below to see how the race at Talladega Superspeedway played out for the four Hendrick Motorsports drivers.


  • Larson rolled off the grid fifth at Talladega and weaved in and out of the top five before taking third on the fourth lap. He tumbled to eighth by lap eight and was weaving in and out of the top 10 a couple of circuits later.
  • Larson surged up the field and was in the lead by lap 17 but a surge from the inside line dropped him back to sixth by lap 23. The line further dropped back and Larson was 15th by the competition caution.
  • For the restart, Larson was 19th and tumbled out of the top 20 for the next few laps. He edged up to 10th by lap 41 but was down to 20th with seven laps left. He was involved in the first on-track incident of the day on lap 56 and pitted to repair the damage.
  • Larson was scored 34th for stage one. Just seven laps into the start of stage two, Larson cut a tire and brought out the third caution. He spent a considerable time on pit road before the race was halted due to rain.
  • Larson restarted the race at the rear of the field and met the minimum lap speed, allowing him to remain in the race. He was four laps down and 39th by lap 84 and was in the same position when the next yellow flag from an accident came out 14 laps later. 
  • The California native was up to 37th after a couple of cars were involved in accidents and ultimately finished the stage in that spot after the race was called early due to weather.


  • Elliott took to the track in third place and floated to fourth before taking second place on the third lap. Four laps later he was down to sixth and further dropped to 11th as the outside line surged by the inside group. The two lines became three and went back and forth with Elliott moving in and out of the top 10 through the first 16 laps.
  • He dropped out of the top 15 by lap 17 but bounced back into the top 10 five laps later. When the competition caution waved, Elliott was placed fifth. The driver of the No. 9 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE had to return to pit road after another car nearly hit him. He was able to settle in a good spot within a lap and was 10th by lap 31.
  • After dropping out of the top 15, Elliott was back up to seventh with 20 laps to go in stage one. He was down to 15th with eight laps to go but shot ahead to fifth three laps later. Elliott was scored seventh when the first accident caution dropped on lap 56 and was tabbed in that position after the first stage ended under yellow.
  • Another caution seven laps into stage two allowed Elliott to pit. Shortly after the caution the race was delayed due to rain on the track and Elliott was placed 14th. Roughly 30 minutes later, the race was under green again with Elliott restarting 13th.
  • Elliott fell down the leaderboard by lap 80 but was up to 10th less than two laps later. He moved in and out of the top 15 but was back in the top 10 by lap 90. Elliott hovered around seventh for the middle of the stage and entered the top five by lap 98. He was up to fourth when a yellow flag on the same lap came out due to an accident.
  • Elliott remained in the top five for the restart and was up to third on lap 104. He was battling for second a couple of laps later but trickled out of the top five after a third line formed.
  • The 25-year-old driver was 19th when a caution fell with four laps left in the stage. The segment ended under a red flag and Elliott was 19th. By 4:30 ET the race was called due to weather and Elliott finished up a position in 18th.


  • Byron started from 10th place and shuffled back to 16th by lap four. In superspeedway fashion, he was in fifth by lap 13 after the inside line started to make a surge down the track. However, his lane started to lose momentum and soon just two lines were formed. By lap 18, Byron was 18th.
  • The 23-year-old driver thundered back five laps later and was 13th on lap 23. He remained in that position when the competition yellow waved two laps later. He was with the smaller inside lane on lap 42, putting him in 20th.
  • Byron was up and down the board through the remaining half of the stage. He was up to 12th by lap 42 and was 11th three laps later, but soon was battling to remain in the top 15 with six laps to go in the first stage. He was scored 12th when a yellow flag dropped on lap 56, effectively ending the stage under caution.
  • Byron was 14th when a caution fell on lap 67 and he was scored 13th for when rain halted the event seven laps later. He restarted the race 11th half an hour later and bobbed between positions 11 and 20. He was 14th when the fourth caution fell on lap 98.
  • The driver of the No. 24 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE restarted in the same spot and was 11th by lap 105. He was riding in 20th when he was slammed by another car on lap 116, ending his day early. Byron finished 36th.


  • Bowman rolled off the grid 11th and found himself in the top five after just four laps. He dropped back to 12th as two rows of cars battled it out on the superspeedway. By lap 18, Bowman was in 17th place but rallied to 11th by the lap 25 caution.
  • Bowman moved between spots 10 through 24 throughout the last half of stage one. With 17 laps to go, he was placed ninth and he was in 14th 10 laps later. Bowman was scored eighth when a caution waved on lap 56 and remained in that spot for the end of stage one.
  • The Ally driver was 10th when the third yellow flag dropped on lap 67 and he was scored 16th for when the cars headed to pit road on lap 74 due to rain on the track. Bowman was 21st when the race restarted and jumped to ninth 20 laps into the stage and then was up to fourth a lap later. He remained the top 10 and soon was leading the outside lane in a battle for third.
  • By lap 90, Bowman was up to second and riding the bumper of the leader. He remained in the top five and battled for the lead, jumping out front on lap 97. However, he was turned into the wall one lap later, which ended his day early. Bowman officially finished the race 38th.