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Getting to Know Jason Seitzinger, shock engineer for the No. 88 team

Getting to Know Jason Seitzinger, shock engineer for the No. 88 team

CONCORD, N.C. – Jason Seitzinger, shock engineer for the No. 88 AMP Energy/National Guard Chevrolet, has been with Hendrick Motorsports for 10 years. The Pennsylvania native enjoys hunting and mountain biking during his time away from the track. Get to know Jason: 

Full name: Jason Brooke Seitzinger 

Nickname: Penske because I was a former employee of Penske Racing Shocks.

Hometown: Shartlesville, Pa.

Education: Hamburg High School in Hamburg, Pa. and Berks Career and Technology Center in Leesport, Pa.

Team/job duties: Shock engineer for the No. 88 AMP Energy/National Guard team. 

Time at current job:  Ten years. (He also worked previously as the shock specialist with the No. 24 team at Hendrick Motorsports.)

Years in racing: Thirteen. 

First racing job: Parts room at Penske Racing Shocks in Reading, Pa. 

First job overall: I worked in the kitchen at Haags Hotel in Shartlesville as a dish washer and cook.

If I wasn't in racing I would be: Hunting more often. 

Best racing memory/favorite Hendrick Motorsports win: Winning the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Jeff Gordon in 2004. 

Favorite track: Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway.  

Hobbies outside of racing: Hunting and mountain biking.  Favorite sport other than racing: Hunting, and I love to watch baseball, hockey and football. 

When I'm not at the track you can find me: At the shop, in the woods, or at home. 

On an off weekend you can find me: At home with the family. 

Favorite vacation spot: Get away cabin in the mountains. 

Pets: I have a lab/bully breed mix named Stewie, a lab-coonhound mix named Wall-E and an outdoor cat named Foxy. 

Favorite movie: "Gladiator."

Favorite book: Still looking for it…

Favorite TV show: Something on the Outdoor Channel, or SportsCenter.

Favorite music: Country.

Best concert you’ve ever been to: I’ve only been to a couple but the best one was Charlie Daniels Band and Travis Tritt. 

Current car: Chevy Avalanche.

Dream car: My dad’s 1978 Chevy pick-up, which he unfortunately got rid of. If he still had it, it would be sweet to have and restore it.

What you’ll find on my iPod: My what? Country if I had one. 

Favorite phone app: Once again? I don’t have any apps. 

If I could meet anyone, I’d meet: My mom’s father. 

Favorite food: Italian.

If I ran NASCAR, I’d: Have an off weekend in the Chase. 
One thing people don’t know about me: People often consider me quiet, when really I am not. I can’t help it that other people talk too much.

Before the race, I always: Call my wife.

During a pit stop, I’m thinking: Please stop on the sign, and I hope this is a good stop. 

I knew I wanted a job in NASCAR when: The opportunity presented itself. One day my boss at Penske Racing Shocks called me into his office and my first thought was ‘this isn’t good.’ Well it turned out he wanted to know if I was interested in a job at Hendrick Motorsports!

Best part of your job: Winning.

Favorite Hendrick Motorsports paint scheme: The No. 88 National Guard Heritage/AMP Energy Chevrolet we ran at Daytona International Speedway this past July. The camouflage paint scheme looked cool on the track.