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"Mr. Hendrick is very deserving for what he's done for the sport, what he's been part of with the sport and for all the people he's touched, supported and helped in so many ways. Very deserving. It's great to be here and show our support with all the other guys. The drivers are all here, so that's fun. It's going to be a good couple of nights, that's for sure."

Kasey Kahne

"I think Mr. H is incredibly deserving. Just everything he's done not only on the racing side but the kind of person he is away from the racetrack, the things he does for the community and obviously the success he's had on his car dealerships, I think, is second-to-none. He's as deserving as anybody I could think of, and I certainly wouldn't be standing here today had it not been for him and the opportunity he's given me. I'm very appreciative of that and very proud to be here and definitely looking forward to watching him receive that honor."

Chase Elliott

"It's such an honor to be here. It's such a priority for us. I feel that Rick's love for racing goes way back, gosh, prior to me even being born or around. And to be able to share a chapter in his racing career is very special to me. His contributions to this sport, his years in this sport, I think it's very fitting that he's honored tonight and is one of the inductees."

Jimmie Johnson

"It's the top of the mountain. I don't know if going through this career of his and winning and working and racing, you kind of get swept up in having to work so hard to stay competitive. I don't know if you really get to understand and enjoy exactly what you've accomplished. This, I think, really helps it sink in for him. I'm happy for him and hope that he realizes how important he is to the sport and so many other people's lives. He's changed so many people's lives and affected so many people in so many ways. So, this is a great way to honor him and all the other folks that got inducted. It's great to see those people get recognition for what they've done and how much they've put into the sport. A lot of sacrifices."

Dale Earnhardt Jr.