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“I’ve always liked Bristol. The atmosphere is neat and it’s a pretty cool show for the fans. We’ve been working really hard as a team and it would be an awesome place to visit Victory Lane again.”

Kasey Kahne on racing at Bristol

”Bristol is a tough place. Very challenging, you get in traffic a lot and you get in tough situations. I think Bristol can be mentally draining. It’s important to have your car driving well so you can do something different than the guy ahead of you.”

Chase Elliott on racing at Bristol

“I had a great, relaxing weekend with my family after the Texas win. I know we had a slow start to the year, so winning Texas will give us some momentum and it was certainly good for morale. Bristol has been a better track for us with the exception of this race one year ago when we were caught speeding on pit road in the first 52 laps. It was so costly, we never recovered. Besides that, over the past two years we have been consistently in the top five. It’s a tough race mentally and physically but is always entertaining for the fans.”

Jimmie Johnson on racing at Bristol

“We’re going to keep looking at ways to improve our car and get better, but I always look forward to racing at Bristol – there’s just no other track like it. Hopefully we can carry our momentum from Texas into this weekend.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on racing at Bristol