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HAMPTON, Ga. -- Chase Elliott kept tradition alive Tuesday with the help of Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Last month, Elliott's home track announced a "Good Luck, Chase" program, where they collected good luck charms from fans to give to the driver in anticipation of his first NASCAR Cup Series win.

The idea was crafted from one Charlotte Motor Speedway organized in 1983 for Elliott's father Bill, who proceeded to find Victory Lane for the first time shortly after the promotion.

Back then, the elder Elliott had collected a handful of runner-up results and fans were rooting on that first win. It's a similarity not lost on the younger Elliott.

“I think he ran second eight times (before his first win), I’m seven in," he said. "Maybe we can beat him by one.”

Tuesday, Elliott spent the day with media at Atlanta and was presented with his charms and well-wishes.

“I appreciate it, for sure," the driver smiled. "I’m glad everybody sent their stuff in – that’s really cool. I hope it works."

Among the items sent in were letters, stuffed animals, lucky coins and four-leaf clovers.

“I do not have any good-luck charms – not to say I can’t find one at some point," Elliott said. "There might be some right here.”

Follow along with Elliott's day below.