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CONCORD, N.C. Valvoline is currently holding a Fast Track to Fame competition for grassroots drivers, and it’s a cause close to Alex Bowman’s heart.

After all, Bowman stays involved in the annual Chili Bowl event, and this year he put a grassroots racer – CJ Leary – behind the wheel of his midget car.

Bowman, the owner and builder of the car, says he participates in the event to have fun and entertain, but that’s not why he chose Leary to pilot his Valvoline midget car.

“A lot of people have said that I gave back and gave somebody an opportunity, but for me, it was more selfish,” Bowman said. “I want somebody really good to drive my race car and that’s why I picked CJ.”

Valvoline is a sponsor of Bowman’s No. 88 car with Hendrick Motorsports and even sponsored his midget car, and the driver is thankful to have such a strong partnership with them.

“From the grassroots level all the way to the Cup level, they’re huge supporters, so it’s always cool to have Valvoline on board,” Bowman said.

To learn more about Bowman and Leary’s journey in this year’s Chili Bowl, check out the four-part series below.