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CONCORD, N.C. – With more than 600 team members in the organization, there are stories all across the Hendrick Motorsports campus.

With that in mind, we’re taking the chance to give fans a glimpse at all of the many sides of Hendrick Motorsports.

Below, you’ll hear from Alex Bowman, driver of the No. 88 Nationwide Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

In his first year driving full-time for the organization, Bowman shares his thoughts on the No. 88 team with the playoffs underway – he’s now 12th in the playoff standings – and shares what it’s like having pets while balancing life as a driver.

What’s your state of the No. 88 team address with the playoffs now underway?
“We’ve been running really good. We should be way above the cutline and unfortunately we had a rough ending to a really good day at Las Vegas. That’s the most speed we’ve really had all year, honestly. It’s encouraging. Unfortunately, we don’t have another mile-and-a-half track until the second round. Hopefully, Richmond is better for us than it was in the spring and we’ll go from there.”

You’ll have a special guest on the car at Richmond – are you excited for that?
“Winston’s on the back of the car, the winner of the Paws & Racing contest. That’ll be neat. Got to meet him a couple weeks ago and it was pretty cool.”

How do you balance having pets yourself and being a Cup Series driver?
“Yeah, it’s definitely a little bit tough just finding people to watch them when I’m gone, places for them to stay and trying to bring them on the road when I can. It’s definitely not the optimal schedule for having pets but I find a way to make it work.”

How fun is that when you get to take your dogs with you to the track?
“It’s really fun when Finn comes to the racetrack. It’s not so fun when Roscoe comes to the racetrack. It’s nice, I try to bring them anywhere that we drive that Emily’s going, too, so she can take care of them during the day. I don’t bring Roscoe very often but bring Finn when I can.”

When you get home from a long race weekend and the dogs are there, how rewarding is that?
“It’s definitely nice. They don’t really care how you ran during the weekend, so it definitely is nice to have them there.”

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