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CONCORD, N.C. – Tuesday, William Byron participated in a one-day Goodyear tire test at Charlotte Motor Speedway with NASCAR’s 2019 rules package.

Though it was just a brief introduction to the new setup, Byron said he could tell he’ll spend plenty of time on the throttle.

“You can run wide open by yourself,” the driver said. “Wide open is no issue, but I think as we get around some other guys it will probably be more ‘racey.’”

Byron noted that the feel of the car could also have been affected by the favorable conditions – 55 degrees and cloudy.

Comparing it to the 2018 setup in the NASCAR Cup Series, Byron said there’s a different strategy heading into the turns in the 2019 cars.

“The biggest difference is you’re accelerating into the corner – we’re not really used to doing that,” he said. “It’s a different feel. But other than that, I think guys are going to figure it out pretty soon.”

While Byron said he has enjoyed the 2018 setup in the way the car is so challenging to drive, he believes it will be exciting to get a handle on the new setup as well.

“Obviously, you’re going to be around guys in racing,” he said. “I think it’s just more about precision, I guess, with how you’re around guys and how you make moves. It’s still racing. It’s still the same race car and you’re going to have to do the same things to make it go fast.”

“I think it will be fun.”