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CONCORD, N.C. – Last summer, Microsoft and Hendrick Motorsports renewed their relationship, making Microsoft the Official Cloud Partner of Hendrick Motorsports.

Hendrick Motorsports utilizes Microsoft technologies, including Azure cloud services, Windows 10, Office 365 with Microsoft Teams for group chat, and artificial intelligence and machine learning to strengthen on-track performance.

That technology became especially important when rules dictated that teams could bring only a set number of team members to the track on a given race weekend.

“Over a year ago, NASCAR came out with a rule that said we needed to limit the amount of people that we take to the track,” Hendrick Motorsports race engineer Zac Brown explained. “So, we need tools that will allow us to effectively and quickly communicate to the race engineers and to the crew chief.”

Hendrick Motorsports director of competition systems Alba Colon shared that Microsoft Teams “has become a key element for us” as the organization adjusted its approach to fit the new rules.

Seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson has noticed the benefits of using the technology at the racetrack.

“I’m in the garage stall, from there I can go into the Teams channel and communicate with my dedicated person back at the race shop, and within a handful of seconds I can ask my question, get the response and then apply that right away,” he said.

Learn more about the relationship between Hendrick Motorsports and Microsoft in the video above.

“The relationship we have with Microsoft and our use of Teams is to win,” Johnson said. “Plain and simple.”