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“I’d love to win in one of these final few races of the season. Each race and each weekend we are getting better as a team and Hendrick Motorsports always brings great cars to the track. Talladega is so challenging because of the draft and all of the variables that are out of your control. This is UniFirst’s first weekend on the car and I’m looking forward to having another strong performance.”

Kasey Kahne

“We will just need to go and race our hearts out and try to win. That’s about all we can do. The best place to be at Talladega, as everybody knows, is to try to be out front. That is hard to sustain for a long period of time in those races, but we’ve seen guys who have gotten good at it over the past few years. They make it happen and are able to control a race really well. I do think there is an art to it. There are obviously a lot of things you can’t control and running as close as we do there, that is a big factor, but I do think there is something that you can do better than others rather than just riding around and hoping for the best.”

Chase Elliott

“We haven’t taken anything for granted and we raced last weekend going for a win. We will do the same this weekend in Talladega. It is nice to not have to worry about advancing with Talladega being the cut-off race, but our speedway program is outstanding and we will have a great Lowe’s ProServices Chevy for this weekend. It's going to be an interesting race with so many good guys going for the Round of 8 and this being their last opportunity to make it through. It's going to be wild.”

Jimmie Johnson

“I’m excited about getting to Talladega. Speedway racing is always really stressful, but going there we’ve got a great Mountain Dew camo scheme – half the car is invisible (laughs) – so hopefully (No. 88 team spotter) T.J. (Majors) can still see it from the spotter’s stand. Hendrick Motorsports brings such fast race cars to that racetrack, so I’m really excited. Their speedway stuff is amazing, always – especially the No. 88 – so I’m just really looking forward to having a chance to win. I’m going to sit Dale (Earnhardt Jr.) down and have a couple-hour discussion with him about speedway racing because if there’s a speedway racer left in this garage, it’s him, for sure.”

Alex Bowman