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CONCORD, N.C. -- This May, Jimmie Johnson and his wife Chandra are bringing a brand new event to life.

The first-ever Jimmie Johnson Foundation Fit Fest, presented by Blue Bunny and featuring Spartan Kids Race, will take place May 29.

“This is an exciting year for our foundation and we are really looking forward to this new event,” said Johnson, co-founder of the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. “JJF Fit Fest is designed to be a great community event to raise much needed funds for K-12 public education. We are really grateful to continue our partnership with Blue Bunny and develop a new relationship with Spartan Kids Race to make this event a reality. There’s going to be something for everyone of all ages and abilities.”

It will be set in a festival atmosphere as a local community event that will feature running, obstacle racing, mountain biking, music, food and more.

The location? Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Included in the day-long event will be 5K, 8K and half-marathon trail running races; MTB Challenge, a four-hour endurance mountain bike event with individual and duo competitions; and Spartan Kids Race, an exciting obstacle race for children ages 5 to 12.

“Blue Bunny is thrilled to support the first ever Jimmie Johnson Foundation Fit Fest,” said Mike Wells, president and CEO, Wells Enterprises Inc., makers of Blue Bunny Ice Cream. “We continue to be inspired by Jimmie and Chandra for their dedicated commitment and passion to the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, and are looking forward to this fun, new initiative to strengthen communities and continue to raise funds for K-12 public education.”

The event marks the Jimmie Johnson Foundation's first collaboration with the Spartan Foundation and Spartan Kids Race. The Spartan Kids Race features double-digit obstacles crafted to instill adventure, courage, camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment. There will also be a heat for the Special Spartans, children with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and those with cognitive learning or vocational delays.

“In our mission to support health and fitness for the next generation, the Spartan Foundation and the Spartan Kids Race is proud to partner with Jimmie Johnson and his exceptional foundation in our shared goal to improve children’s health and well-being,” said Joe De Sena, Spartan Race founder and CEO. “We are excited to work together in getting these kids off the couch and into heathier pursuits. With the rise in childhood obesity and related illnesses, our alliance with JJF couldn’t be more timely.”

Hear from Johnson on the event in the video below, and click here for more information.