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“California is so wide, so big and you have all kinds of racing room. It’s one of my tougher tracks, and it used to be one of my best tracks. The last few years it’s been one of my toughest tracks just to understand where to put the car. Hopefully, this year we will do a better job of that and it will be much easier to make it work.”

Kasey Kahne on racing at Fontana

“I think as we see the surface get older, it gets worn out more and it seems like it lends more opportunity for strategy calls. Tires mean a lot – the racetrack is so big and surface is so worn out that one lap is taking a lot of life off your tire. I think those two things together mean that tires are going to mean a lot in just a handful of laps. You have those short, quick runs with a quick caution and if you only run five laps, everybody is coming back down pit road for tires. They just make for good races because it means you can do something different than the guy ahead of you.”

Chase Elliott on racing at Fontana

"To say California is a special place to me is an understatement. As a driver you never forget your first Cup Series win. The wins that have followed have been so great, too. I'm so fortunate. Last year's win in the Lowe's/Superman car was epic, and it's just always nice to come 'home.'"

Jimmie Johnson on why Fontana is special to him

“I love running against the fence just like Kyle (Larson) at Fontana. I think we kind of watch each other and learn a little bit from each other when we get in races where you can do that. Everybody kind of does it differently. If you like running up there, you certainly look out for the other guys that are good at it and see what they are doing and how they are getting around the track.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on racing at Fontana