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CONCORD, N.C. – Chase Elliott is ready to relax and enjoy his offseason.

The driver said he’s excited to vacation and spend time with his family and friends.

“I always look forward to the offseason,” Elliott said. “A couple months of being able to spend time at home with some family. I’ve got a couple of trips planned and I’ll probably spend some time out in Colorado and kind of get recharged.”

As to what he anticipates the most during his time away from the track, Elliott said it comes down to being on the same schedule as everyone else.

“It’s so strange, we spend a lot of the year just in complete backwards schedules from everyone else,” he explained. “We’re home during the week, have a couple of days off during the week and then you’re gone the weekends, you know, where everyone else is free.

“It’s kind of nice to spend a couple of months where you can kind of get on the same schedule as your friends around home.”

Aside from relaxing and recharging, the Georgia native plans to also refocus his energy and attention toward the 2018 season.

“Looking forward to that probably more than anything,” Elliott said. “Being able to kind of soak that up and get ready to go come late January, early February.”