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CONCORD, N.C. – When the green flag waves on William Byron’s first NASCAR Cup Series race, crew chief Darian Grubb will be on the pit box to help guide him through the field.

With 23 wins in his 10-year career, Grubb is ready to give Byron the tools he needs to succeed in his rookie season and Hendrick Motorsports owner, Rick Hendrick is excited to see the Grubb-Byron combination in action.

“William and Darian really connect,” Hendrick said. “It’s exciting to see the chemistry they already have. But when you see a guy with the credentials Darian has, it gives William a lot to lean on.”

While Byron is excited to learn from Grubb, he believes there still will be some growing pains during his rookie season.

“The first few races are going to be some learning experiences and some growing pains,” Byron said. “But I feel like we can really succeed right off the bat and I know by the end of the year we’ll be really strong.”

To hear more from Hendrick and Byron on Grubb, check out the video above.