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CONCORD, N.C. – This month, Chase Elliott and Jeff Gordon visited the FBI Tactical Emergency Vehicle Operations Center in Quantico, Virginia.

It was an experience the driver of the No. 9 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 won’t soon forget.

“To become an FBI agent, you have to pass a driving course,” Elliott explained. “There’s basically three stages of that. We got to do all three of those, which are not easy, and actually a lot of fun. So, we had a good time with that.”

The three segments consisted of a road course, a close-quarters drive and a precision obstacle course.

Unsurprisingly, the competition between Elliott and Gordon on the track heated up quickly.

“A lot of trash talk,” Elliott said. “For the record, I beat him two out of the three events. He just beat me at the one that they gave out a trophy for.”

But upon further inspection, though Elliott beat Gordon’s time on the road course by three seconds, he was given a penalty for hitting a single cone. Gordon, meanwhile, was given a bonus for a clean run.

That gave Gordon the win in that event in addition to a narrow victory in the precision obstacle course, while Elliott took home the close-quarters drive.

“Well then, I lost two-thirds of them, I guess,” Elliott laughed.

Either way, the Hendrick Motorsports driver was thrilled to have had the experience. Still, he’s not quite sure being an FBI agent is in his future.

“I think we might be able to squeak by on the driving, but not sure about the rest,” he said. “It was really a lot of fun. I’m glad we went.”

Check out a photo gallery of the visit here.