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Pit crew practice sessions open to the public

Pit crew practice sessions open to the public

CONCORD, N.C. – Fans are invited to come watch Hendrick Motorsports’ pit crews train and practice live stops on Tuesday, May 15 and Tuesday, May 22. During their visit, fans can take advantage of special offers in the Hendrick Motorsports Museum & Team Store, where admission is always free-of-charge.

Click here for a facility map of Hendrick Motorsports. The pit crews work out on the Performance Training Facility (No. 16) and practice live stops at the Pit Department (No. 11).

Here is the full schedule:

Athletic Field Training:

7 a.m. – No. 88 team training
8:15 a.m. – No. 48 team training
9 a.m. – Developmental training
10:15 a.m. – No.  5 team training
11:15 a.m. – No. 24 team training

Pit Practice:

7:30 a.m. – No. 48 team pit practice
8:15 a.m. – No. 88 team pit practice
10:15 a.m. – No. 24 team pit practice
11:15 a.m. – No. 5 team pit practice
2:30 p.m. – Developmental pit practice