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Have a question for @chaseelliott? Tweet it with #DashChat and he may answer it on our handle later today. http://t.co/5ssUZ0CxXx

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 12:30pm

"This is a lifelong dream come true." -@chaseelliott http://t.co/eitgFjcmgN

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 12:17pm

RT @NAPAKnowHow: @ChaseElliott gets the call! He’ll be in 5 @NASCAR Sprint Cup races in 2015. We couldn't be prouder! http://t.co/GYZOYhuu4c

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 12:15pm

NEWS: @chaseelliott to drive full-time for Hendrick Motorsports in 2016. MORE: http://t.co/5zN1tBwEbh http://t.co/Sa1O8AtYuv

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 12:02pm

"You set a standard in our sport for others to follow. You set a high bar." Mr. Hendrick to @JeffGordonWeb. http://t.co/bRJk9Iug5i

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 11:48am

Hendrick Motorsports drivers and crew chiefs discuss their "Can Do" attitudes during the season kickoff event. http://t.co/HGCwPEpevx

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 11:19am

RT @Hendrick5Team: .@TWC is giving away the ultimate trip! See how you could be a member of @kaseykahne's pit crew on race day: http://t.co…

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 09:39am

How many days left until the Daytona 500? We're getting close. #AreWeThereYet http://t.co/2qTEG7FPnL

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 08:24am

@Carey88K We're looking forward to it as well!

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 08:21am

@Kenziesmom24 Awesome!

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 29, 2015 08:20am

Mr. Hendrick: "There is no offseason." http://t.co/fenjAitay8

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 28, 2015 05:04pm

Word Search Wednesday! Check out today's printable STEM puzzle on our #Ignition Pinterest page: http://t.co/1MDU9hlfVW

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 28, 2015 04:09pm

Take control of the Hendrick Motorsports microphone. Ask a ? using driver name + #DashChat & stay tuned tomorrow. http://t.co/RSTovst4H5

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 28, 2015 03:49pm

Have a question for any of our drivers? Tweet us the driver name + #DashChat and we may answer it at Media Tour tomorrow.

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 28, 2015 11:29am

The @Drive2EndHunger Chevy SS is almost ready to be sent down to Daytona. #AreWeThereYet http://t.co/BbN6XBZJLZ

@TeamHendrick Tweeted: Jan 28, 2015 09:42am


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