Hendrick Motorsports

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New season. New number. New league. These are a few reasons why I can’t wait to get my 2013 NASCAR season started. But the biggest is another year to partner with Hendrick Motorsports as well as Aaron’s and Hendrickcars.com.

Chase Elliott

Hendrick Motorsports driver

I joined Hendrick Motorsports as a developmental pit crew member in September.  Formerly an offensive lineman from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, I didn’t have a racing background, but knew I wanted to continue my athletic career in a team sport.

John Gianninoto

Development pit crew

Growing up in Nyack, N.Y., I dreamed about working for a race team. I got my first break managing and building engines for a kart racing team before making the move to Hendrick Motorsports where I’ve spent the last 12 years as a machinist in the engine shop. I’ve always loved the competition of racing, and one of the highlights of working with this organization is the opportunity to compete with my peers both at Hendrick Motorsports and within the Hendrick Automotive Group in the annual Randy Dorton Engine Builder Showdown.

Kevin Moler

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