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The final whistle had blown, signaling the end of the of the 2009 college football National Championship game between The University of Alabama and The University of Texas.  

And we – the Alabama Crimson Tide football players—were now champions.

Rowdy Harrell

Back-up tire carrier, Nos. 48/88 teams

Photo credit: UA/Crimson Tide Photos

Racing works opposite most other sports in that we can’t rely on peak performance to carry us to victory. A simple example of this is if we look at a race team’s performance through the course of a NASCAR race. You can put on a dominating performance and be on your way to victory when all of a sudden the engine fails. 

Andy Papathanassiou

Director of Human Performance

Chicago-native Tanner Andrews reflects on his recent decision to become a member of the pit department at Hendrick Motorsports.

Tanner Andrews

Developmental pit crew member
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